Celebrate Dance posterCelebrate Dance

Celebrate Dance premieres Saturday, April 25 at Sand Point Country Club in Seattle. Building on rich musical traditions from around the world but expressed with a distinctly contemporary flair, the concert features original music inspired by the rhythms of Mexico, Brazil, Spain and Latin America. Each composition was created solely for this world-premiere event by seven award-winning composers, and much of the music will also be interpreted through dance.

Composers for Celebrate Dance are: Nan Avant, Glenna Burmer, Barry Dowsett, Maria José Félix, Eric Goetz, Tim Huling and Lonnie Mardis. Huling will also conduct an orchestra of musicians specially selected for this event. Original dance choreography is provided by Jennifer Porter, formerly with Pacific Northwest Ballet.

Audience participation is often part of a Burmer concert. In addition to bouncing to the beats of salsa, rumba, tango and cha-cha, concert-goers might find themselves part of a conga line, a mid-20th century dance with Cuban origins. This concert is sold out.

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