Outstanding World-premiere performances

Burmer Music concerts are world-premiere performances of contemporary classical music, written specifically for the event. Each concert takes up to two years of preparation and collaboration by the finest composers, musicians, soloists and other guest artists. Our concerts have been media and box-office hits!

Recent Concerts

Symphonic Stories (2012)
Telling personal, compelling and imaginative stories through music.

Celebrate World Music! (2013)
Winner of two IMA Vox Populi Awards for best contemporary classical album and best instrumental.

Dante’s Inferno  (2014)
A full original ballet that combines evocative music and dazzling choreography.

Origins: Life and the Universe  (2015)
Rich melodic compositions showcasing the intersection of music, science and art.

Celebrate Jazz! (2018)
A night of irresistible jazz, snappy dancing and a few surprises

Coming Up

Our next concert is Celebrate Dance! opening in early 2020. This world-premiere performance features Afro-Cuban-Latino rhythms, experienced through both music and dance. Join our mailing list to stay up-to-date on this exciting new production as well as other Burmer Music news!